About us

3A Vietnam established in 2019 by the experienced cargo surveyors, P&I surveyors and H&M surveyors.
Our mission: be the professional subcontract for the cargo experts, marine experts and the oversea marine inspection companies.
We are supplying our surveying services to all kinds of cargo and ship at all ports of Ho Chi Minh and Vung Tau, but we can arrange for surveying at all other ports in Vietnam
Our engagement: since we are the subcontract, we would strongly ensure for your long term of your business with your customers/clients, we would follow your good instruction without contacting directly to your customers/clients.

Our usual works

– Preloading surveys: steel products, rice, pepper, cashew nut, tapioca, cinnamon …
– On/Offhire surveys
– Bunker surveys
– Ship pre-purchase survey
– Ship entry condition survey
– Cargo hold/hatch condition survey (seaworthy condition)
– Draught surveys (loading and discharge)
– Liquid and gas quantity surveys
– Supercargo (grain and steel products)
– Lashing surveys
– Tally services
– Container surveys (damage, stuffing, unstuffing)
– Monitoring loading/discharge operation
– Sampling (Gafta, Fosfa …)
– Cargo damage surveys
– H&M surveys
– Collision surveys
– Salvage sales

Contact us

Email: info@3avn.net
MP/Whatsapp: +84977152541
Add: 21/2 Bui Van Them Street, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Registered code: 0315845988